as planned, zayn quietly crept out of bedroom before harry could wake up. the birthday boy was sleeping in, and even though zayn would've wanted to join him, he couldn't risk this day being less than perfect. as stealthily as he could, he prepared a delicious brunch in the kitchen, a fry up just like harry always liked and some waffles and fruit juice to go with them. instead of bringing it all up to the bed, he brought it into the harry room instead, setting it on the coffee table in the middle.

rounding up boris and hatchi, zayn put birthday party hats on their heads (not without struggle) and let them both into the room to wake the other boy while he had one of their cameras, ready to take a dozen pictures of it all happening. all the while, he made too much celebratory noise and ended up jumping on the bed with hatchi, while boris resigned himself to staying on the floor to lick at harry's face like the good boy that he was.

once he found himself able to straddle harry by the hips, zayn took his pillow and wiped it over his face to get rid of the dog slober. "happy birthday, hazza," he said fondly, his hair spooling over his face as he looked down with a smile. he had already greeted him before, right when midnight struck, but this was when it really counted anyway. pressing their lips together, he then gentle laced their fingers and got both of them out of the room. "come on, i have something to show you."

the harry room was definitely a lot cleaner and it smelled a lot nicer than when he finished painting the walls again. allowing harry to come into the room and take in the newly painted walls, zayn sat himself on the couch near where the food was waiting, still steaming hot from the kitchen. it was a good spot to watch harry marvel around a little, to see the awe slip around his face. "you like it?" he asked, quirking his brows but also gesturing for harry to sit next to him. "brunch is gonna get cold if you take any longer, babe."

they were actually on a schedule, but zayn was notoriously bad at those. to be fair, they would've been on time if he hadn't suggested on fucking in the room to rechristen it, not to mention the pitstops they had going into the bathroom to share a shower, which also took more time than zayn had anticipated. so right after, he put on his clothes in a hurry, not giving harry the pleasure of an explanation why ,except for a quick kiss on the lips and a piece of advice, "dress in something warm, we're going somewhere." once he was out of the room, he called up a car to come around and pick them up so they could be driven to the airport.

what was waiting there was a private jet that zayn had commissioned for the day. he had planned for them to go out of the country until the 4th — and even then, zayn still had something planned. "don't worry about your clothes, yeah? i've got it figured out." and he did, because he had a small chest waiting inside the jet full of clothes to last harry for the week, along with a couple of new shirts and patterned pants that zayn got him from browsing through the new alexander wang spring/summer collection, though he did keep some of those jumpers himself. harry had way too much clothing and zayn wasn't helping, but he knew the other boy loved this, and he was nothing but an enabler.

"you like it?" he asked again, a broad grin attached to his face. "come on babe, you can look at that later when we've taken off, get in your seat. we're already bloody late." after physically pulling harry away from the chest, he buckled the seatbelt on him before doing his own. even though there was a whole elaborate plan involved, all zayn really cared about was if harry was liking things or not. if the birthday boy suddenly decided he wanted to go back home or take a trip to holmes chapel to see his family instead, zayn would've turned the jet right around without a single thought.

but he figured mentioning the destination would keep them en route: "we're going to paris for a few days," he said once they were steady in the air, and he had no problem with unbuckling his seatbelt so he could walk over and sit in harry's lap. combing his hand through the other's hair, zayn bit his lip to carefully watch for the reaction. "i rented out a nice flat there with glass ceilings and all, i think you'll love it. we'll be back before the weekend, before you even start missing the dogs."