07:42 am - 01/01/2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR, ONTD! Perhaps all that speculation following those two 1D guys can finally come to an end soon — everybody's grandmother and their grandmothers before them have heard all about this, but just in case anybody lives under a rock, I present to you, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik kissing at 00:00 on January 1, 2015!!

Shown in the video above are Harry and Zayn at Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve standing with the rest of One Direction as they participated in the countdown to a New Year. The video's a grainy and shaky as fuck, probably because whoever was taking the video was standing far away, but the rest of it is pretty clear if you ask me. Before the last two seconds, Zayn puts an arm around Harry neck, pulling him close and saying what looks like, "Happy New Year, babe," before the two lean in for a deep kiss to open up the year as everything blew up around them in celebration.

Following several instances such as sightings of the two together in various places (a furniture shop, a grocery store, and Holmes Chapel on Christmas Day to name a few), candid photos of Harry walking Zayn's dog Boris, and Zayn actually being seen outside of his home during a break on tour — not around London, but in LA! And who lives in LA? — stans and anti-stans have practically waged war on one another.

Talk about ZARRY has been around since June as the pair looked to be spending a lot of time together, but things didn't start blowing up until August when they were spotted hanging out in New Orleans together, though restaurant employees said that they were having a fight inside the bathroom and people there said they looked upset walking out. Now they're even bigger than Larry, which everybody thought was bad enough and primarily why believers get mocked.

But things got even MORE suspicious when Zayn tweeted a picture of him and Perrie with their dog Hachi last November, only for it to be deleted a day later and replaced with a picture of Harry asleep in bed, and then that was deleted, too.

The rest of the world thinks that Zayn is still supposed to be engaged to Little Mix's Perrie Edwards and Harry is dating Austrian model Nadine Leopold, but what does it all mean? Are Harry and Zayn really together? Has Zayn been pretending to still be with Perrie or is he just cheating on her? Surely that NYE kiss is all the proof anybody needs that something's going on! Either way, I'm so here for the internet meltdown.

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