giving jewelry as gifts was something that zayn had always appreciated. a few years ago, when the concept of relationships and actually being in one was completely new to him, he was the type of boyfriend that remembered all the gifting holidays and saved up so he could buy his girlfriend a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring. it usually turned out for the better, though, and he'd see whichever piece of jewelry he had gotten them every single day, and sometimes even after they had broken up.

it wasn't because it was an easy gift idea, either, but there was all the meaning in the world to it. what he usually got the people he love often reflected what he thought of them. the past few months with harry were nothing but brighter everyday, but not without its own bumps on the road, but every time their eyes met, their lips touched, their hands held, zayn could feed his chest getting tighter and tighter as his heart swelled even bigger within him. harry was already such an important part in his life, but now he managed to climb up to the top of the list. zayn thought the world and everything outside of it of harry, could see all of that and more when an uncertainness window let the light in early in the morning to remind him of the young god that slept next to him every night — so a ring it was.

zayn had to hold back a laugh when harry told zayn to get him a ring that said boo just a few days before christmas, just because he had already bought one a few weeks before. it was safely kept in a drawer inside the harry room, because zayn had a feeling he wouldn't snoop there, unlike any of the corners in their closet or under a pile of dog toys. it wasn't exactly what harry had asked for, but it was close enough. zayn was aware of how much harry liked being called baby boo, it amused him just as much as it warmed him.

he had spent a while looking at the rings that harry did own, including the one that harry got him to wear when he slipped off his old engagement ring. unlike some of the designs that harry had, the one that zayn bought from the store was a little simpler, but it shined a lot more than any of them, clearly brand new and purposely flashy — but it wasn't too flashy, and definitely not the most expensive thing that zayn could've picked out. he wasn't worried, though, because he'd save the bigger and more valuable rings for another time, and what made this one so special were the engraved words inside the band. contained as he was, zayn was excited to see it around harry's finger.

after letting harry open most of his parents, the last one being the watch that he bought on impulse because he had glanced at it and thought that it'd look nice on him. "put it on," he encouraged from where he had an arm around harry's chest with zayn behind him, pressing his lips quickly against the other's cheek. pulling away, he went off to his bag to pull out the ring box, but before he returned, he looked up and watched harry for a while. zayn always meant it, how gorgeous he thought harry was, so uniquely attractive that it drew him in every single time, and even tended to catch him off guard every once in a while.

"ready for your last one?" he asked, and when he got harry's attention he said, "harry babe, think fast!" as soon as he stopped talking, he tossed the box up in the air, crossing to half the room, and sadly past harry's clumsily waiting hands to fall into his lap and then on the floor. zayn rolled his eyes and groaned, "damn, i should've known better." he laughed as he bended to pick it up and sit in front of harry to properly hand it to him.

"it's nothing special, really." he shrugged, downplaying it a little. "it's just really simple yeah? not really flashy, but look." prying the box gently from harry's hands to pick out the ring so that the engravement would be fully visible to both of them. "bit dorky as well, now that i think about it," he added with a small laugh. when he had gotten the ring, he was confident that harry was going to love it, but now that he was in the middle of giving it to him, the anxiety started to claw at his gut.

so he bit his lip and intently watched harry look at the ring, and after a few moments, he nudged harry. "do you like it? my baby boo. it's not anything really, it was just… i wanted to get you a proper ring, just to remind you of me." waiting until harry put it on, zayn all but draped himself over harry, turning the other's face towards him for a deep kiss, his fingers digging through his hair so that he could tug gently at the strands when they pulled away. zayn smiled at the sight of blush in harry's cheeks, so he kissed both of them, too.

"merry christmas, harry."