of course. obviously. i promise not to steal these from you


cos i heard you're working on a new album 😏


so your hands can always stay warm when i'm not holding them


not gonna lie, i think i've fucking outdone myself here :)

I don't care about the presents Underneath the Christmas tree I just want you for my own More than you could ever know Make my wish come true All I want for Christmas is you
i guess this is another christmas for us, baby. i can't express to you how happy i am that we get to spend this one together. you know that i love spending time with you and our families just cos it makes me more excited to have our own, then eventually it'll be us inviting everybody over. god what a fucking image, i'm all pumped just thinking about it. for now though i'm honestly just content having you by my side.

think we can admit that we had a crazy year and not in the most positive sense... during that time i thought about not spending the holidays with you which i knew was gonna be absolute balls, so thank god for that. but we're here despite everything, and i mean it every time i say i wanna keep getting better at being good to you. i know you'll say that i already am but i think my biggest wish is that you'll let me understand you better every single day we're together.

is that cheesy enough? i haven't even said i love you yet so here it is: I LOVE YOU!!! :) i love you so much. i hope you like your gifts, but i hope you'll love the biggest one that i got. i've been working on getting for you for months so i'm a bit relieved that shit actually pulled through. i know we're deeper than all the material stuff but i hope you know that every single gift i give you is just an ATTEMPT at showing you my heart.

i love you baby, merry christmas. thanks for letting me spoil you ;)