DECEMBER 23, 2015

happy christmas, jaan! i'm writing this while i watch you play with the dogs in our yard. does it ever bloody shock you how easy everything can be sometimes? i expected rough patches, but times like this make it all fucking worth it. i love you, and i have you. everything feels right. my house is your house, my dogs are your dogs, my cars are your cars. your bed is my bed. fuck, nothing can beat this.

as always, thank you for putting up with me. this year has been one of the toughest years ever, i know that, but we're forever. i mean that with everything i have. that's why next year, i plan on doing you right. i'll make resolutions and some of them are gonna be promises to you, like never avoid or ignore you when you ask if something's wrong. that's the first one. i think you'll be quite pleased when i come up with the whole list !

hopefully you're not sick of me giving you notebooks and pens all the time... love it when you're scribbling away in them, you look all focused and it's fucking cute, honest. you're my baby mad genius. also i hope you like the jacket from supreme that i got you, i went through fucking hell just to get it. i'm not worried though, i know this is you. i can't wait for you to wear it out, babe!!! you're gonna be so sexy. :)

i know i've gone a bit lowkey on my presents this year... but i thought the bag was just you all over. take your time adoring it, i know you will.

it's freezing outside right now, but you don't even care. marshall has you pinned to the ground, and he's slobbering all over you... gross. hopfully you won't decide to come over and give me a kiss haha! marley's come to me asking for belly rubs, i dunno how you manage to tire her out every time. actually, i dunno how you manage to tire all of them out every time! fucking amazing. where've you been all my life?

happy christmas again, my love. i love you more than anything else.

x z styles-malik :)

ps. bora-bora or greece? my plane, my treat.