happy anniversary to us, jaan xx

zayn prepared a five-day trip to annecy france:

they'll be staying at hotel yoann conte:

they'll be going on tours of lake aneccy, pont des amours, and gorges du fier, and a hike up la tournette.

i wanna start this by saying that i can't believe it's been a fucking year. it's crazy, because i know how far we've come since the past year and some, and i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. i never knew meaning before the past twelve months, and nothing will ever mean like them ever again. you're my everything, my present, my future, my source of passion, and my best friend. people will always tell you not to give too much of yourself to just one person, but i'm happy to lose everything to you. i know we're far from perfect, but we're strong.

thank you for being so patient, babe. i know i'm not the easiest to be with sometimes, but i'm always going to be up for trying and giving you my all and what you want. i love you so much. i'm crazy about you, you just make me so bloody happy. happy anniversiry, love of my life. i hope you keep this note so we can accidentally stumble upon it years from now when we've done everything we said we'd do each other.

xx z