to harry—happy birthday, love
i've got bad news for you haz... you're getting old.

or maybe that's a good thing. remember how we imagined that we'd grow old together and you'd have a cane with tennis balls at the bottom then whenever i pissed you off i'd steal one of the balls and scurry off away from you? we're getting closer to that, how fucking exciting yeah?

all kidding aside... i wanted to write something here that's incredibly sappy and lovely cos i know you love that, and i still will, but i won't beat around the bush and pretend like things aren't really fucking stressful for us right now cos that's really how it is. i know you're going through a lot but i don't want that to ruin your birthday and all your mates feel the same way, so we're going out tonight with all of them for drinks and karaoke and everything. no sprinklers this time, i mean it.

where do you wanna be ten years from now? what things do you wanna have done? i wanna hear about it all cos one of my birthday presents to you is that i'll do everything to help you get to that place. i'll support you and remind you of who you wanna be when you're 33 and never let you feel unmotivated or lost, no matter what happens. you motivate me like that so i wanna do the same with you

i love you so much. this year's gonna be better than all the ones we had before, i already know it. happy birthday my jaan.