harry's birthday was never going to be something that zayn would let pass by quietly. he just wasn't that guy, no matter what year it was. he loved being able to spoil his boyfriend too much, and after all the support and positive energy that he had been receiving, he was more in the mood now that ever. about two weeks ago, zayn bought a whole night at harry's favorite club in los angeles. commissioning caroline and harry's assistant for their help, zayn started to plan his whole birthday party. he came up with ideas for how they could decorate the club, what kind of music they would play (which was made up of zayn's music, mostly, but there were some indie favorites here and there), new names for the cocktails (such as styles on the beach and white harrussian), the cake and the food, right down to the guest list. zayn flew in harry's friends into the city for the night, including the ones he didn't particularly like.

one of the most important ones was nick, who would help him surprise harry, much to his dismay. while harry was busy thinking that zayn was busy at rehearsals with his band, nick would call harry and convince him to come over. the next piece to the chessboard was the driver that harry was going to call down. zayn gave him instructions to being harry to the club instead and to carry a toy gun that he spray-painted to look real. once harry was alarmed that he was being taken to the wrong place, the driver was to scare harry with the gun and order harry to put the black bag in the back seat over his face. and zayn would be there at the party, waiting for his master plan to fall into place.

it wasn't a lie that zayn was completely busy that day. instead of being busy until the late night, zayn begged his band to agree to starting early in the morning so that they could all attend the party. they did agree, though unfortunately, it meant that zayn was up and gone before harry could wake up, though he did make sure that harry was gonna wake up to a bouquet of flowers, a sweet note form him, and a delicious, healthy, and filling breakfast that took zayn too many tries to perfect. though he was at his rehearsals, he replied to harry's texts throughout the day, keeping him happy and letting harry tell him about all the presents he was getting. when it was time, zayn got ready in the studio, all in clothes that he knew harry loved on him, which meant a bit more color than what he usually wore. in no time, he was off to the club to beat harry there.

harry was gonna hate zayn for this prank, he was sure. harry was gonna hate zayn even more for placing videos in the car and around the club where harry would be entering. he planned on putting it all in a nicely edited video for zayn to post online somewhere. when someone let him now that harry was nearing the club, he got the whole place to quiet down instantly. it was amazing how powerful the wanting to collectively prank another individual was. harry was taken inside, bag still over his face and unknowing that zayn was right in front of him. after a short nod, the driver too it off in a swift motion, and just like that, the party was in full swing once again. "happy birthday, harry!" they all shouted, matching zayn's incredibly excited face. "happy birthday, babe!" zayn said himself, rushing forward to bring him into a tight hug and then a quick kiss on the mouth, just because he needed to gloat about the success of harry's birthday prank.

feel like a brand new person
but i don't care, i'm in love