good morning, jaan :)

i'm really fucking sad i can't be waking up to you right now. these solo duties make me wanna die so bad so maybe i'll just quit that so i can have some more time with you (lol). but anyway, this is my shit attempt at making up for my lack of presence. i promise you i will make it up to you PROPERLY as soon as i can. for now, i hope you enjoy the roses i got for you, all 22 fresh ones.

I'M SO BLOODY PROUD OF YOU, HAZ!!! you're 22 now and you get older and older and closer to your real age as we go on. we all know there's a fucking 60-year-old inside of you. but that doesn't even matter to me. i love you no matter what age, and even when we're old and grey, i'd still take you the way you are. you're already beautiful, but you're exquisite inside (you feel exquisite inside too!!) that makes me so excited to grow old, and it makes me happy to celebrate your birthdays with you. you're so important to me haz, happy birthday.

i made you some breakfast while you slept. yes, it's all organic and all healthy and all by me. today, i'm going to make you have the ZAYN MALIK PERFECT BOYFRIEND EXPERIENCE even when i'm not even there. this is part one. yes, that's your favorite candle that you smell right now. i've also put bows on all of the dogs for no reason, and they were all hell about it so i hope you enjoy that at least. do you love me even more now?

i bet you miss me. i bet, as you're reading this, i'm thinking about you and if i've managed to put a smile on your face. did i do good, baby? why don't you give me a call so i can talk you through your presents?

i love you so much, baby. happy fucking birthday